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Clinical Services

Reaching Clarity restorative services and natural interventions are provided from a holistic wellness model, focused on the importance of psychological, physical, social, and emotional wellness in the pursuit of optimal well-being. Our mission is to create and promote a balance life for all. We are here to provide support for you, your family, or relationship.


Holistic Wellness

We believe in helping people return to healthy balance through researched-based practices that are natural and restorative. We create a secure, safe, and stable pathway for our Clients to achieve the BEST quality of life! 


Find Your Balance

Our family friendly agency is comforting, soothing and supportive of healing and growth.  We are here to help you feel understood and to provide you support for making changes that will bring relief.

Adjustment to change within families, blended families, making divorce manageable for parents and children, grief and loss of loved ones/friends, reconnecting moms/dads with their children, all areas of abuse, relationship skills to increase family competence.

Anger management (classes and individual) for adults and teens, sexual abuse adolescence/adults from known party and or assault, substance abuse, domestic violence victims.

Relationship adjustment, school/work conflicts, grief counseling, depression, eating disorders, anxiety, abuse, post traumatic stress, bi-polar disorders, personality disorders.

Communication skills, anger management, conflict resolution, finances, separation and divorce, co-parenting, premarital counseling, job loss, unexpected illness/death, infidelity issues, all addictions, major life transitions.


Yoga practices are a powerful complement to professional treatment for depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. Reaching Clarity, yoga practices can provide relief from various symptoms and develop the supportive skills individuals need in their everyday lives.

Yoga therapy

We offers one on one yoga therapy and group sessions. Our yoga therapy is based on a vision of health as a unity of body, mind and spirit. As approaches to health continue to evolve, yoga has proven to aid individuals in the healing journey because of its ability to promote health and healing at physical, emotional, and spiritual levels simultaneously.


Yoga Therapy

  • Reduces stress
  • Manages stress related symptoms
  • Stabilize emotional challenges
  • Improve capacity for self-care
  • Enhance quality of life
  • Alleviate various physical symptoms

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