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Q.T. Barlow Trailblazer Program

Reaching Clarity partner with young adults in state custody who are at least 18-21 years old and willing to develop life and vocational skills, create an educational plan or alternative, and work part-time. The ILP program provides participants with stable, safe, and comfortable housing. The Q.T. Barlow Trailblazer Program, promotes youth self-sufficiency by providing them with opportunities to enhance essential life skills, build leadership skills, and become more involved in their communities.

Aging Out of Foster Care

Thankfully, most children do not grow up in foster care anymore. Now of days, very few children remain in foster care until age 18. However, youth who age out of foster care at 18 are not fully prepared or equipped with the necessary life skills and support network they will need to successfully transition into adulthood and succeed on their own. These young adults entered foster care for various reasons such as neglect and abuse. For most of these young people, they have no permanent home or family on which to rely; and as they begin to leave the foster care system at age 18, they face a high risk of homelessness, sexual exploitation, incarceration and hopelessness. Among this population the high school dropout rate is high. Although these young adults have reached age 18, they are still in great need of a reliable support system, a skill-building environment to teach, encourage, and equip them for the real world and to become productive and model members of society.

Building Life Skills

Our ILP Program provides the structure, opportunity, and space for youth to find their own identity and hope for a future. Reaching Clarity tailors an individualize ILP plan to meet each individual youth needs. We closely monitor participants to ensure successful program completion as the youth prepare to advance forward in life. ILP participants move into a roommate style housing where they will develop the following essential independent living skills: food management, health, housekeeping, culinary, meal prep, money management, and much more.

Admissions Criteria

Youth must be at least 18-21 years of age. The program requires the ILP participants to maintain stable employment, and the youth must be enrolled in high school, college or trade school. This enrichment program seek to buildup and fortify young adult’s self-esteem through embracement and encouragement, as all of our programs are designed to create openings to make youth feel good about themselves; and aid them in developing a feeling of worth. We envision each youth that enters into our program leave Reaching Clarity with a sense of independence, pride and acceptance, enabling them to thrive as prosperous and mature adults.


What Makes Us Unique?

Reaching Clarity ILP program, empowers and provides an ongoing emotional support system to youth enabling them to make the transition from foster care to independence. The Q.T. Barlow Trailblazer ILP services are absolute for young adults who are responsible, goal-oriented, self-motivated and determined to create their own path to success. The program goal is to develop a sense of pride in youth as they grow into adulthood by teaching them the skills they need to live successful and productive lives. Reaching Clarity staff is accessible 24-hours a day. We provide 24-hour support to all youth residents. Participants are educated on how to maintain daily living and coping skills; support and guide youth in obtaining educational, vocational and employment opportunities; assist youth in obtaining medical services and securing mental health services as needed.

Accepting Applications

ILP Services

  • Youth must be at least 17 1/2 -20 years of age;
  • Planning to voluntarily sign an agreement to remain in foster care upon 18th birthday;
  • Willing to develop an educational plan including a plan for higher education;
  • Willing to work part-time as academic workload permits;
  • Willing to develop and improve life skills; and
  • Willing to participate in life skills & vocational skills training.
Participants will enhance and develop the necessary life skills to gain their independence and become self-sufficient adults. Life Skills including, but limited to:
  • food management
  • health
  • housekeeping
  • culinary
  • meal prep
  • money management
  • community resources
  • legal skills
  • scheduling appointments
  • transportation services

    We provide residents with roommate style housing. Our ILP homes are safe, conveniently accessible by public transportation (MARTA), and fully furnished with all essentials resident’s will need for daily living. Reaching Clarity staff is accessible 24-hours a day, and we provide 24-hour support to all youth residents.



    Reaching Clarity, Coordinator of Educational Services, work closely with all youth to ensure that the resident’s educational needs and goals are met. The residents are encouraged to complete high school and they attend the local high school in the community. Another option for the residents is to complete their GED. The resident’s may be enrolled in college or a technical/trade program.



    Our Independent Living Program provides work and job readiness support as well as skills and vocational training. Reaching Clarity works with the residents to develop these skills to help them obtain employment. The ILP residents will have the opportunity to participate in job readiness trainings and workshops facilitated by Reaching Clarity Staff and J&R Ross Quality Staffing Solutions. These workshops and trainings focus on resume building, effective job searching, and preparing for an interview. Reaching Clarity collaborate with growing businesses in the community, such as J&R Ross Quality Staffing Solutions to help enhance our youth’s vocational skills and work experience.


    Make a Difference


    In addition to the various services provided, Reaching Clarity offers youth a culminating excursion at the end of each school year. Youth will KNOW the importance of travel in a cultural, educational, and social context. Youth will UNDERSTAND the importance of competing globally to enhance social growth and development. Youth will COMPLETE college and career readiness activities to support the travel experiences offered through the Trailblazer program within Reaching Clarity


    The mission of this initiative is to offer youth educational and cultural experiences beyond the state of Georgia. Youth will learn about urban ecosystems, regional dialects, customs, and other aspects of regional differences within the United States. This component will also serve as an incentive for exemplary academic performance and behavior during the school year. The excursions will take place during the summer months. The main focus is to ensure youth are college and career ready by visiting colleges and universities and participating in social growth and development activities that foster post-secondary success.

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