Reaching Clarity primary mission is to create and promote a balance life for all. As part of our mission, we provide youth aging-out of the foster care system with post-foster support services and Independent Living housing. We offer positive support services to families with socioeconomic disadvantages, emotional and developmental disabilities.

We pursue this mission by:

  • strengthening and nurturing youth, adults and families through a wide variety of behavioral health services, positive support systems, and community resources.
  • providing our clients with the highest level of quality of life that is achievable.
  • advocating for youth and seniors by ensuring reasonable opportunities for healthy physical, psychological and emotional growth in the most normal and least restrictive setting possible.
  • providing resources and training(s) to young adults to ensure they are equipped with the appropriate life skills needed to become self-sufficient.
  • empowering clients to be full partners in the planning for their treatment and services.

Our mission is guided by our values and principles. These values act as our foundation when delivering services as it is our belief that our programs should:

  • be family driven: families are valued as partners and participants.
  • be community-based: youth and seniors are best served in the comfort of their own homes and communities.
  • be strength-based: restorative services that focus on the totality of the individual strengths and competencies.
  • include individualized care: interventions and supports available to wrap services around the needs of each youth, adult and family.
  • include commitment to be guided by evidence and researched-based practices that are natural and restorative.